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Go the EXTRA MILE. It is never crowded there.

LCP delivers quality video solutions based on a strong strategic approach. Successful video storytelling is an intuitive combination of artistry and technical know-how. As a full-service video production company, we offer a comprehensive range of video production services from concept to delivery, from script to screen. By blending our expertise and passion we bring our clients’ businesses and products to life.


We are a one-stop shop for all your video production needs. Considering the collection of the latest and most advanced equipment at our disposal, and the wide variety of experience and skill-sets among our expert production team, we’re fully capable of adapting to any project’s needs.

Live streaming

We provide a service for all your live streaming needs. From online media streaming to simultaneously recording and broadcasting, in real time, to viewers all over the world. Our live stream services cover a wide variety of topics, from university graduations to Esports.

Motion graphics and Animation

The use of motion graphics allows you to put your distinct signature on a production. A decided-upon graphic design can have a huge impact on the impression your video makes, besides adding a certain flair to the production value.

Video Editing

We consider our editors to be true masters of their craft. The overall rhythm and pace of a project is defined in the editing room. After production is completed, the editing process can be approached from many different perspectives, so having a team composed of diverse backgrounds and methods will only help to infuse the process with an abundance of ideas.

Concept Development

We turn your initial proposal into a definitive and manageable plan. Our concept development team will brainstorm relentlessly to generate and select the most appropriate and effective ideas for the project. From a short synopsis to a polished script, utilising our treatment services. A good narrative should be at the centre of all our projects. Our story-boarding will help you to visualise your narrative and allow you to explore some of the creative possibilities of the project before beginning.

Social Media Management

We fluently speak the language of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. We know that no social media strategy is the same. Therefore, we create your own personalised strategy to suit your needs. People love being social, and we will show them your social side.

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Kindly fill in our 6 min Video Production Creative Brief form. The brief is the foundation of any successful creative digital media.

  • It outlines your vision and ensures that everyone is on the same page.
  • Offers inspiration and gives our team a starting point to brainstorm ideas.
  • Aligns the client’s budget and expectations with our creative concept.

Our creative team needs it before they can start working. For better or for worse, we can’t start without it.