Where passion and purpose collide


LCP has a passion to create visual content that is both purposeful and authentically pleasing. We have an urge to create something that is of value. We truly are a company where passion and purpose collide. 


Louis Cloete


Be a great place to work at.
Nurturing a winning network of customers to make life better for all.
Be a highly effective and fast-paced organisation with leading innovative ideas.



Fostering Respect.
Create value, make a difference, be an experience.
Be at the front of innovation.
Capturing moments, changing lives.

Louis Cloete Productions is an energetic, innovative, creative and passionate team of people. My vision becomes their pride. They are professional, caring and the team is driven by excellence. Louis Cloete Productions, you are the trend setters in the Fourth Industrial Revolution….!

Estie Powell

Chief Marketing and Communication Officer of EBIT

The LCP team has proven itself to be a group of talented and creative professionals who managed to perform with grace under very tight deadlines. They became our ‘go-to’ company for video productions and any recordings; a reliable partner whom we trust to do work of the highest quality and professionality.

Danielle Giorgi

Arts Council: National Sêr of North West University

LCP also provides exceptional support during and outside the specific project or activity. We have engaged with several suppliers of similar services, and the delegation of LCP is in high esteem

Lanché van Tonder

Residence Manager at University of Pretoria

You produced a product that captured the essence of our company at the highest level and in the shortest time possible. Not only did you capture and present work of highest quality, but you understood our needs and the urgency attached thereto.

Kirsteen Kunneke

Financial Manager of SAKSA

LCP is a proficient and skilled company that carries the interests of their clients at heart. I would recommend them for any multimedia requirements an organisation might have.

Garth Wait

CIB OPS Learning of Standard Bank

Company Strengths:

Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm –  Abraham Lincoln


  • We continuously deliver products and services of a high standard.
  • We pride ourselves in our quality communication and the relationships we build.
  • Each team member is an expert in their field, which ensures the best products.
  • We use our resources effectively and only use quality gear to provide an exceptional product.

Company Values:

  1. We deliver the best quality product at the best price, with no hesitation to go the extra mile.
  2. We harness integrity by being real.
  3. We produce quality by doing what we do, well.
  4. We focus on the needs of our customers by listening, observing and learning.
  5. We act with urgency, remain responsive to change and adapt to circumstances.
  6. We work efficiently.
  7. We are accountable for our actions and inactions.
  8. We are continually finding better ways to solve problems and learn from our outcomes – what worked and what didn’t.
  9. We are the brand: We inspire, are passionate, optimistic, give attention to detail and are well crafted.

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