• We are naturals. We value genuine talent above all else and tend not to get too stuck on years or credentials where they’re not important.
  • We are driven. It’s instantly obvious that this isn’t just a job to us. We all equally want Louis Cloete Productions to prosper and all contribute to its success.
  • We value innovation and creativity.
  • We are strategic and analytical. Attention to detail and having the ability and initiative to solve problems effectively is extremely important to us.
  • We are proud. Under no circumstances is average good enough. We put our greatest effort into everything we do.
  • Louis Cloete Productions is a really fun and social place to work. We make sure the benefits of our success go back into the team.


We are looking for a Cinematographer who isn’t satisfied with just any solution. While everybody else thinks, we want you to THINK DIFFERENTLY. We want you to work outside the norm. Someone with perseverance that will execute the task and finish what they have started.


  • Pre-Production
    • Ensure that every video project has its own unique aesthetic style.
    • You will make decisions about the use of different lenses, filters, lighting techniques and camera movements to create dramatic effect and prompt different emotional responses from the audience.
    • You as a Cinematographer will work closely with the Creative Leader and you are involved throughout the entire production life cycle.
    • You will conduct extra research into different styles and motifs which relate to the subject matter of the script, and liaise with the Creative Leader to discuss creative ideas.
    • You will plan the technical execution of each shot.
    • You will plan out what equipment and staff will be required for each shoot.
    • You are then responsible for handling the procurement of equipment and the recruitment of camera operators, grips and other technical production specialists.
  • Production
    • Operate cameras, steady cams, jibs, drones and other equipment yourself.
    • Make creative choices to enhance the visual impact of our videos.
    • Directing whatever is in front of your lens.
    • Setup the correct lenses, filters, cranes, steadicams and lights for each shot.



  • Collaborative.
  • Transparent & honest.
  • Endless initiative.
  • Excited about our projects (and life in general).
  • Fun to work with and be around.
  • Assertive where needed.
  • Motivated by achieving amazing results.



  • Basic knowledge of video editing.
  • A keen interest in new business and helping expand the Louis Cloete Productions empire.
  • Interests outside of work that are fun to talk about and GIF sending skills.



Less than 10Mb

PDF or a Word Document less than 10mb.